Delayed Revelations

Ep17 At the Heart of Rhun Kazhai

wherein we find temptation and trouble

As we drew nearer to Rhun Kazhai, Shiv popped into existence and said, “Almost forgot- you may need this!” and tossed us a faint and cryptic map, with notes on it in an unknown language. With Lathander’s grace, Manifred was able to read it for a short time, revealing such charming touristy features as: “Underground Ruins Do Not Enter”

Jutting 200 feet out of the rocky mass into the haze was the dock, at which was berthed a 60 foot long sailing ship with arcane sigils & gossamer sails.

We detected the smell of burnt metal and a hint of sulfur.

As we pulled up to dock, two big ballistae on the other ship swiveled and pointed at us. The githyanki in flashy armor hailed us and demanded to know the name of our ship, our race and our rank. They weren’t all that interested in our answers until Heyman antagonized them . Then they welcomed us, appreciated Manifred’s angelic ass, and urged us to enjoy the hospitality at the Heart of Rhun Kazhai, but to avoid the crystal grottoes, and to absolutely under no circumstances enter the pyramids.

In downtown Rhun Kazhai, we heard the angelic song of the poor, innocent, incredibly hot half-elf Lieska. Soon after finding her, Manifred, Gcroilar, and Graphel fell in love with her. Crunk handed her 100 gold coins to hear her sad story.

Gcroilar and Jangles came up with their own specialized definition of “absolutely under no circumstances” and padded off to see the pyramids.

soon after, we heard a screeching sound and woosh woosh sound, and then saw a big red dragon emerge from the pyramid with a seriously badass quicksilver sword wielding gith mounted on its back.


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday down at the Civic Auditorium… WDW – World Dragon Wrassling will be putting on their main event in the Burninator Series. Bring the kids!

Ep17 At the Heart of Rhun Kazhai
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