Delayed Revelations

Ep18 Six Secrets of a Successful Dragon Slayer

being killed by its rider is not one of them

The dragon rose from the pyramid and attacked!
Jangles GTFOed. Gcroilar miraculously broke the enchantment that held him. Ilyana chanted as the air charged with electricity and discharged into the dragon. Crunk accepted the touch of dawn from Vandur and raged. Manifred lent the strength of Lathander and summoned Hipponius Egalis to aid in the battle. Enlarged Heyman rushed the dragon and attempted to wrestle it into submission.

The dragon didn’t like that. Neither did the rider. Both of them attacked in earnest: teeth gnashing, claws swiping, wings buffeting, tail sweeping, blade flashing. Heyman took the brunt of the attack but did not falter.

Crunk charged the rider as Gcroilar fired arrows and Manifred pierced the air with a sound lance. Heyman successfully pinned the dragon in a wing nelson but could not prevent it from crying “Puny Morsels” before bathing us in dragonfire. The smell of kentucky fried hippogriff filled the air.

The rider struck Heyman a mortal blow. He fell away from the dragon, still cursing with his last breath. Crunk seized the moment and returned the favor by sinking the bloodsword deep into the Dragon’s heart. With the dragon killed, the rider took one quick glance and teleported away.

In the blink of an eye Heyman experienced a journey to an afterlife filled with battle, ale, and women. But yet he felt a tug on his neck and heard the soft voice of Ilyana, “Come back!”

Heyman accepted.

His dwarf body slowly changed and regrew into a taller, human body. When he eventually gained consciousness and took inventory of his new physical assets, the string of dwarven curses that accompanied his death resumed anew.


DeLansing DeLansing

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